China Holiday: New Year day 01/01/2018

China Holiday: New Year day 01/01/2018

Please note that the 01/01/2018 will be a holiday in China.

Three days from holiday from Saturday 30/12/2017 till Monday 01/01/2018.

Governmental offices and banks will be closed as well as following requirements accomplishments will not be possible to arrange :

- official invitation letter for China crew entry visa/visa extension

- transit visa application / repatriation formalities for off-signer (for the ports which do not have a local airport having at least one flight directly out of China)

- tdc application

- ctm (banks will be closed)

- ship spare parts customs clearance and on board delivery

- fresh water analysis / oil samples

- AGM certificate / renewal of SSCEC

- local truck / van transportation / local express services /courier services

- assessment meetings for Yangtze/Changjiang River for vessels out of allowable/permitted particulars

Please take note of above for your perusal and timely arrangements.

NB: Next named Holiday in China will be the Lunar New Year, 7 days holiday from 15-21/02/2018.


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