Please find below information for smooth procedure of crew changes during Suez Canal transit


we shall need well in advance

·copies of their passports - valid for 6 months

·copies of their seaman books

·flights for on signers - we shall provide ok2b –

·flights for off signers and confirmed e-tickets

·list of on signers / off signers with name - date of birth - number of passport - expiration date of passport


also to be provided by master

·crew list signed stamped

·Maritime declaration of health

·List of port calls

·Vaccination list



Visa will be arranged on arrival however for some nationalities visa stands only for 48 hrs.

Due to limited availability of flights, we will request from immigration for extension of their visa


declaration form

Attached relevant declaration will be handed to crew before departure from the Airport to be submitted to quarantine dept on arrival Egypt, Our delegate will assist them at Airport

Declaration form (pdf)

also off signers should prepare it in advance to submit for their landing


Local authorities / quarantine dept has the right to monitor their temperature at any point of the procedure -- please consider this as a normal procedure as may be more than once during the crew changes procedure --


corona virus test

on signers

please note that effective from 15th August for all foreign travellers (not holding Egyptian citizenship) entering Egypt (whether by land, sea or air)

a certificate confirming negative result of coronavirus test (using a PCR test) required.

The test must be conducted within 72 hours of reaching Egyptian territory.

off signers

It is not allowed to land any offsigner unless provide to immigration a valid negative PCR test , this can be arranged on board officially by Egypt ministry of health upon request in which case please calculate 24 hrs for sampling and results.


guidance for flights and possible delays :

For On signers: to arrive Egypt well prior to the airport in order in order the formalities to be completed successfully and on time .

For Off signers: the need to have enough to be at least 6 hours prior their flight to the airport in order the formalities to be completed successfully and on time .


quarantine doctor

Quarantine doctor will attend vessel in advance before the embarking or the disembarking of any person.

we shall arrange same and coordinate with master accordingly


protection procedures

World Marine will follow all standard protection procedures to ensure safe embarkation and disembarkation of your crew

including sterilized cars, boats and hotels.


Our delegate will hand/deliver to each crew: masks , gloves & lotion

and will guide /explain in detail about the local measures and that it is important to wear the mask during movements inside required areas/points

during their stay in Egypt including transportation in order to avoid any penalty .

Also will inform them that quarantine has the right to monitor their temperature at any point of the procedure - temperature must not exceed the 37.5 Celsius degrees –


important notice

Kindly request from travel agent to book tickets in advance as we understand there is limited availability of tickets during these days.



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