Article of World Marine, page 127 at DRY CARGO INTERNATIONAL Magazine, Issue No 199, February 2017

Article of World Marine, page 127 at DRY CARGO INTERNATIONAL Magazine, Issue No 199, February 2017

World Marine: agency services covering all Egyptian and Chinese ports.

World Marine, headquartered in Glyfada, Athens, Greece, is headed up by Mr Alexios Arnokouros.  The company has served the shipping industry consistently since 1985, with its ship agency and representation services in Egyptian ports, along the Suez Canal, in China and in Hong Kong.  In Egypt, it covers all the country’s ports, and has its own offices in Port Said, Suez, Cairo; in China, it covers all the country’s ports, and has its own bases in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Dalian. 


  • maintains its own offices in Port Said, Suez and in Cairo;
  • was awarded with ISO 9001 certification, offering better services at lower costs;
  • offers round-the-clock ship agency solutions for vessels calling at Egypt, transiting the Suez Canal, loading or unloading, attending to husbandry matters in all Egyptian ports;
  • specializes in Suez Canal Tolls Reduction Scheme, in case of Alternative Route; and
  • services security teams embarkation/disembarkation service at a competitive cost.


  • with its representative offices in the heart of operations at Shanghai, Shenzhen and Dalian, provides customized services at all Chinese ports in Central, South and North China as well in Hong Kong;
  • its personnel support its principals with local superintendents and facilitates their requirements round the clock;
  • services vessels calling at China or Hong Kong, that are in need of ship agency solutions for cargo operations, dry dock, repairs, delivery (S&P) and husbandry matters.


A ship agent, like World Marine Corp., represents a vital part in shipping operations, usually servicing charterers, ship owners, and operators when the ship is at port.  The main duty and role of a ship agent is to be principal’s office extension, where the ship calls.

As it is not feasible for any party to be represented globally, with its own office in every port, a ship owner/charterer (or other party interested on a ship’s prospective port call) chooses a local ship agent for every port call — selecting the most suitable to physical attend the vessel, ensuring smooth operations in port.

A ship’s agents role includes accomplishment of all ship formalities and settlements with local authorities before-duringafter the ship’s part call.

The agent must provide up-to date detailed information on port restrictions, conditions and tariffs, as well cargo-specific information, export documents, receipts, OBL (ocean bill of lading), issuance for loading operation, receivers arrangements to receive cargo-discharging operations.

Additional duties include dealing with crew changes, spares clearance/collection/delivery, repairs, provisions, water, bunkers, medical, underwater inspection, and ship’s delivery.

All activities require an experienced agent’s co-ordination for a professional and timely attendance, as every process involves interaction between several parties with local and international interests. 


World Marine serves a wide range of major owners, charterers, operators, around the world as its clients.


World Marine’s main competitors in Egypt and China are companies like: GAC, Wilhelmsen-Barwill, and Inchcape.

According to World Marine department heads in the Egypt and China operations desks, where it offers agency services, businesses relates:

  • in Egyptian ports 60% to dry bulk; and
  • in Chinese ports 90% to dry bulk.

The company’s main challenges involve:

  • keeping its clientèle satisfied and working with it exclusively;
  • increasing its clientèle with new introductions as owners, charterers, operators, as well cargo owners-shippers and receivers in both countries, as well within countries exporting to Egypt and China; and
  • adapting to steadily changing environmental, legal and operational requirements of global shipping (IMO, etc).

It remains open to possible joint ventures, synergies and strategic alliances with local and global shipping services providers.

The Suez Canal Authority (SCA) offers rebates on tolls whenever there is an alternative route (via Cape of Good Hope or Panama) in order to attract ships to pass via the Suez Canal. SCA policy is not fixed, as they study each case individually; taking into consideration various factors, i.e. present freight market, bunkers cost, vessels consumption and speed, duration of voyage, etc.

World Marine has long experience with the Suez Canal Authority (SCA)’s rebates policy, and has arranged for US$3 million rebates for its clients just in 2016.  World Marine Egypt offers:

  • successful rebate records with over 390 applications yearly;
  • prompt SCA toll reduction estimation and application; and
  • assisting and co-ordinating during vessels’ discounted voyage.

Therefore World Marine Egypt cannot predict what, if any, percentage will be offered.  The best way to know is to submit an application and wait for the reply of SCA.  All details about information needed to proceed are available by communicating with World Marine, when the vessel is fixed.

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